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Why unlock your mobile phone?

Normally new phones are supplied locked to the network it was bought on. Unlocking a mobile phone is the removal of this service provider lock that operators (02, Orange, EE, Virgin..) have put on the phone so you are locked to their network and tarriffs. You may be familar with the 'SIM Card Not Accepted' message or 'Insert Sim' that phone display with a different sim card. By unlocking your phone with an unlock code you will be able to use any sim card from any network, allowing you to change to the most convinent, best signal or cheapest phone operator available.

Why unlock your phone?

You need to unlock your phone when you see one of the following messages:
  • Sim restriction
  • Sim Not Valid
  • Phone Restricted
  • Sim Card Not Accepted
  • Enter Restriction Code
  • Sim Card Rejected
  • Enter Subsidy Code

If you are selling your phone unlocking it is very important to increase the resale value, as it will not restrict the buyer to the same network the phone was originally purchased for. Average sale price increases on EbayTM for unlocked phones are between 20% and 85% higher than network locked phones. Select your cell manufacturer from the menu on the left to get your phone unlock code today.

Unlocking also allows you to make the best of promo deals such as free sim cards or text bundles. Once unlocked you could insert a foreign sim-card allowing you to roam at much lower costs.

Did you know?

Did you know that since October 2016, networks are no longer allows to charge an unlock fee for pay-monthly phones out of contract. Check this doesn't apply to you before any purchases are made.

How do we unlock your phone?

For older Nokia, and all LG, Samsung, Motorola and Blackberry mobile phones all you need to do is enter an unlocking code into the phone that we can generate for free based on your phones serial number(IMEI number). We can calculate free codes for most phones which are easy to enter and do not require any technical knowledge.

If there are no free unlock calculators available then we provide the cheapest rates available in order for you to obtain an unlock code from the manufacturer. This method is used for unlocking Motorola, and Siemens mobile phones. Other methods to unlock phones may require the cable that originally came with your phone along with special software connected to the internet that reads your phone and then calculates a specific code for your phone. This is typicaly for unlocking Sony Ericsson phones and some Samsung phones.