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Working with Mobile Codez

What can Mobile Codez do for me?

Mobile Codez receives a large number of hits per day, from quality users looking to unlock their phones. We do not wish to get involved with customer service in unlocking phones and therefore can direct users to sites which do cater for this. If you can unlock mobile phones you may be able to advertise on our site and receive visitors keen to use your service. We can also provide large numbers of hits from our sister site These are two of the largest mobile phone unlocking sites on the internet.

What are the requirements for working with Mobile Codez?

We are willing to work with any high quality web sites which wish to increase their revenue by receiving highly quality targeted visitors. We will not work with any websites which are there just to con users. You must:

  • Offer a refund service if codes do fail.
  • Must not just send unlocking advice or information, when you are advertising unlock codes (you know who you are).
  • Provide excellent customer service.
We do not want to work with the guys that advertise to unlock all phones then have terms and conditions only supporting a few Nokia phones and with a rip of premium rate number to call. If you are unique phones don't even bother contacting us until we are paid everything owed.

If you are a genuine seller of unlock solutions we DO want to work with you.

How do we contact you?

If you fill all the correct critera you may contact us to discuss serious paid for link schemes. We may be able to work on a pay per click or pay per sale basis. You can contact us via our contact page at Please provide your URL and an email address to contact you on.