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Free Fly cell phone unlock codes



Select your Fly handset to find your unlock solution:

Fly 2040 Fly 2040i Fly 2060 Fly 2080 Fly A130 Fly B600 Fly E100 Fly FT10 Fly FT20 Fly IQ-110 Fly LX800 Sapphire Fly M100 Fly M550 Fly M760a Fly M760b Fly M760c Fly MP100 Fly MP220 Fly MP300 Fly MP400 Fly MP500 Fly MP600 Fly MX200 Fly MX200i Fly MX230a Fly MX300 Fly MX330 Fly S1160 Fly S1180C Fly S1186 Fly S1190 Fly S15 Fly S188 Fly S20 Fly S288 Fly S299 Fly S388 Fly S588 Fly S688 Fly SC14 Fly SC24 Fly SL200 Fly SL300 Fly SL300m Fly SL400m Fly SL500i Fly SL500m Fly SL600 Fly SLT100 Fly SX210 Fly SX240 Fly SX300 Fly V07 Fly V09 Fly V11 Fly V15 Fly V20 Fly V25 Fly V30 Fly V40 Fly V50 Fly X10 Fly X3 Fly X7 Fly X7a Fly Z007 Fly Z100 Fly Z200 Fly Z300 Fly Z300a Fly Z400 Fly Z500 Fly Z600

  • Use your preferred network provider.
  • Increase the resale value of your Fly phone by up to 200%.
  • Unlocked mobile phone can be used with a different SIM card or dual SIM cards on any network worldwide saving you money on roaming charges.
  • Save money abroad, by using cheap local SIM cards rather than expensive roaming tariffs.
  • Fast and easy. Instructions are free. Unlocking itself takes 1-3 minutes.
  • Very easy, no technical experience necessary.
  • Unlocking your phone with an unlock codes is safe and does not void your Fly phones warranty.
  • Unlocking is a one-time event. It works for the life of the phone.
If your cell phone only works with your current service provider or when you insert a SIM card from another network you may see any of the following messages:
  • Enter Subsidy Code
  • Enter Subsidy Password
  • Enter SIM Unlock Code (Simlock)
  • Contact Service Provider
  • Insert Correct SIM Card
  • Wrong SIM Card
  • Incorrect SIM Card
  • Phone Restricted
  • Can't Undo Restriction
  • Locked Return For Service
  • Enter Unlock Code
  • Enter Special Code