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Free Kyocera cell phone unlock codes



Select your Kyocera handset to find your unlock solution:

Kyocera 1135 Kyocera 2135 Kyocera 2235 Kyocera 2255 Kyocera 2345 Kyocera 3000 series Kyocera 3035 Kyocera 3225 Kyocera 3225ñ Kyocera 3245 Kyocera 3250 Kyocera 424 Blade Kyocera 424c Blade Kyocera 5135 Kyocera 6035 Kyocera 7135 Kyocera A1403K Kyocera A5305K Revolver Kyocera Aktiv Kyocera Clik KX20 Kyocera E1000 Kyocera E2000 Kyocera E5000 Kyocera J66 Kyocera K112 Kyocera K122 Kyocera K322 Kyocera K323 Kyocera K342 Kyocera K352 Kyocera K404 Kyocera K454L Kyocera K454Lc Kyocera K454N Kyocera K454Nc Kyocera K822 Kyocera KE301 Kyocera KE413 Kyocera KE413c Kyocera KE414 Kyocera KE414c Kyocera KI-G100 Kyocera Koi Kyocera KX1 Kyocera KX16 Candid Kyocera KX17 Kyocera KX1i Kyocera KX413 Kyocera KX414 Kyocera KX440 Kyocera KX5 Kyocera KX7 Kyocera KX9 Kyocera KZ820 Kyocera KZ860 Kyocera KZ870 Kyocera PDQ1900 Kyocera PDQ800 Kyocera Pulse Kyocera Q1900 Kyocera Q800 Kyocera QCP1920 Kyocera QCP1960 Kyocera QCP2027 Kyocera QCP2035 Kyocera QCP2035a Kyocera QCP2135 Kyocera QCP2235 Kyocera Qcp2255 Kyocera QCP2700 Kyocera QCP2760 Kyocera QCP3035 Kyocera QCP6035 Kyocera QCP800 Kyocera QCP820 Kyocera QCP860 Kyocera QSP-3035 Kyocera S-14 Kyocera SE47 Kyocera Switch Back Kyocera TG200 Kyocera W41K Kyocera WX320K

  • Use your preferred network provider.
  • Increase the resale value of your Kyocera phone by up to 200%.
  • Unlocked mobile phone can be used with a different SIM card or dual SIM cards on any network worldwide saving you money on roaming charges.
  • Save money abroad, by using cheap local SIM cards rather than expensive roaming tariffs.
  • Fast and easy. Instructions are free. Unlocking itself takes 1-3 minutes.
  • Very easy, no technical experience necessary.
  • Unlocking your phone with an unlock codes is safe and does not void your Kyocera phones warranty.
  • Unlocking is a one-time event. It works for the life of the phone.
If your cell phone only works with your current service provider or when you insert a SIM card from another network you may see any of the following messages:
  • Enter Subsidy Code
  • Enter Subsidy Password
  • Enter SIM Unlock Code (Simlock)
  • Contact Service Provider
  • Insert Correct SIM Card
  • Wrong SIM Card
  • Incorrect SIM Card
  • Phone Restricted
  • Can't Undo Restriction
  • Locked Return For Service
  • Enter Unlock Code
  • Enter Special Code