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Free Samsung S300 unlocking

Mobile Codez - Unlocking your S300 Samsung Phone.

Unlocking your Samsung mobile phone handset will enable you to use any networks SIM card in your phone. This will let you use tariffs from rival networks' that will offer you better value for money. Not only this but you will be able to use SIM cards from local networks abroad that will significantly reduced your roaming costs abroad whilst making calls as well as sending and receiving SMS messages. When selling your phone an unlocked phone is far more desirable and will increase its value significantly.

You're free Samsung Unlock Code

NOTE: This code may perform a phone reset. Please make sure your phone book is backed up before entering any codes. We are NOT responsible for any damage to your mobile phone.

Your Unlock code is:

Model: Samsung SGH-S300


To enter put in a non accepted sim card and enter the above code on the keypad. If this does not work try without a simcard and then enter the code.



Model: Samsung Universal


Put a non-accepted SIM Card and turn it on. Type *#9998*3323#. Press Exit. You will get a new menu. Select Malloc Fail.

In newer phones: #*7337#samsung/SGH-S300.php

Other methods of unlocking the Samsung S300 mobile phone

If the above method does not work then the phone may be unlockable with the Samsung generic method. If you still cannot unlock your phone then a paid for unlock by IMEI service or phone shop may be advisable.