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Free Unlocking for LG Mobile Phones

Unlock LG mobile phone.

Unlocking an LG mobile phone will let you use it on all networks. It removes the sim lock that Network operators use to prevent users changing networks and them not making as much money. You can save yourself money by changing networks or by using more than one simcard so you can avoid roaming charges when using the phone abroad.

Unlocking your LG phone is very easy, requiring a special code we can generate for you using your phones IMEI(serial) number.

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Unlock Any LG Mobile Phone

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  • We are not currently selling unlock codes for the following phones:

    LG 1200
    LG 1300
    LG 1500
    LG 200
    LG 320G
    LG 330W
    LG 420G
    LG 500
    LG 500G
    LG 510
    LG 510W
    LG 510WL
    LG 511W
    LG 515
    LG 520
    LG 5200
    LG 5210
    LG 5220(c)
    LG 5300
    LG 5300i
    LG 5310
    LG 5400
    LG 5450
    LG 550
    LG 600
    LG 601
    LG 6190
    LG 7000
    LG 7010
    LG 7020
    LG 7030
    LG 7070
    LG 800
    LG 800G
    LG 800W
    LG 8100
    LG 900
    LG 900G
    LG A100
    LG A133
    LG A140
    LG A170
    LG A180
    LG A250 Hornet
    LG A7110
    LG A7150
    LG AX265
    LG AX4270
    LG AX4750
    LG AX5000
    LG B1200
    LG B1300
    LG B1500
    LG B1600
    LG B2000
    LG B2050
    LG B2070
    LG B2100
    LG B2150
    LG B2250
    LG Banter
    LG Banter Touch
    LG Beacon
    LG BL20
    LG BL40 New Chocolate
    LG Bryce
    LG C1100
    LG C1150
    LG C1200
    LG C1300
    LG C1400
    LG C1500
    LG C1600
    LG C2000
    LG C2100
    LG C2200
    LG C2500
    LG C300
    LG C300 Town
    LG C3100
    LG C320
    LG C330 Linkz
    LG C3300
    LG C3310
    LG C3320
    LG C3330
    LG C3380
    LG C3400
    LG C360
    LG C360 Golf
    LG C3600
    LG C4300
    LG C636
    LG C729
    LG C800 MyTouch Q
    LG C900
    LG C960
    LG CB630
    LG CE110
    LG CE500
    LG CF360
    LG CG180go
    LG CG225
    LG CG300
    LG Chocolate
    LG CL400
    LG Cookie
    LG Cookie KP500
    LG CP150
    LG CT810
    LG CU320
    LG CU400
    LG CU405
    LG CU500
    LG CU500v
    LG CU515
    LG CU575 trax
    LG CU720 Shine
    LG CU740
    LG CU8380
    LG CU915
    LG CU920
    LG DB210
    LG dLite
    LG DM-L200
    LG DM110
    LG DM111
    LG DM120
    LG DM150
    LG DM510
    LG DM515
    LG E400 Optimus L3
    LG E510 Optimus Hub
    LG E720b
    LG E730 Optimus Sol
    LG E739
    LG E900
    LG Eclypse C800G
    LG Ego
    LG Ego T530
    LG Ego Wi-Fi
    LG enV
    LG Esteem
    LG Etna
    LG EVE
    LG Exchange
    LG eXpo
    LG F1200
    LG F2100
    LG F2200
    LG F2250
    LG F2300
    LG F2400
    LG F2410
    LG F3000
    LG F7100
    LG F7200
    LG F7250
    LG F7250T
    LG F9100
    LG F9200
    LG Fathom
    LG Fusic
    LG G-Slate
    LG G1400
    LG G1500
    LG G1600
    LG G1610
    LG G1700
    LG G1800
    LG G232
    LG G259
    LG G262
    LG G2x
    LG G3000
    LG G3100
    LG G320
    LG G400
    LG G4010
    LG G4011
    LG G4015
    LG G4020
    LG G4050
    LG G510
    LG G5200
    LG G5210
    LG G5220C
    LG G5300
    LG G5310
    LG G5400
    LG G5410
    LG G5450
    LG G5500
    LG G5600
    LG G632
    LG G672
    LG G677
    LG G682
    LG G688
    LG G7000
    LG G7000A
    LG G7020
    LG G7030
    LG G7050
    LG G7070
    LG G7100
    LG G7110
    LG G7120
    LG G7200
    LG G8000
    LG G8000i
    LG G822
    LG G828
    LG G912
    LG G932
    LG GB102
    LG GB109
    LG GB115
    LG GB130
    LG GB170
    LG GB220
    LG GB230
    LG GB250
    LG GB250G
    LG GB270
    LG GC900 Viewty Smart
    LG GD330
    LG GD510
    LG GD550
    LG GD570
    LG GD880 Mini
    LG GD900 Crystal
    LG GD910
    LG GM205
    LG GM310
    LG GM360 Viewty Snap
    LG GM600
    LG GM630
    LG GM750
    LG GR500
    LG GR500FD
    LG GR500R
    LG GR700
    LG GS100
    LG GS101
    LG GS170
    LG GS200
    LG GS290 Cookie Fresh
    LG GS390
    LG GS500
    LG GS500 Cookie Plus
    LG GS505
    LG GT350 Town
    LG GT360
    LG GT365
    LG GT400
    LG GT400 Viewty Smile
    LG GT405 Viewty GT
    LG GT500 Puccini
    LG GT505
    LG GT540
    LG GT550
    LG GT810
    LG GT950
    LG GU230
    LG GU280
    LG GW300 Gossip
    LG GW300 Viewty
    LG GW370
    LG GW520
    LG GW550
    LG GW620
    LG GW620R
    LG GW880
    LG HB620T
    LG HD5330
    LG Hornet A250
    LG Incite
    LG Invision
    LG IQ
    LG K8000
    LG KB1500
    LG KB2700
    LG KB620
    LG KB770
    LG KB775
    LG KB775f
    LG KC3500
    LG KC550
    LG KC560
    LG KC780
    LG KC8000
    LG KC910
    LG KE260
    LG KE500
    LG KE508
    LG KE520
    LG KE590
    LG KE600
    LG KE608
    LG KE608n
    LG KE770 Shine
    LG KE800
    LG KE820
    LG KE850
    LG KE858
    LG KE970 Shine
    LG KE990
    LG KF240
    LG KF240c
    LG KF245C
    LG KF300
    LG KF310
    LG KF311
    LG KF350
    LG KF390
    LG KF390q
    LG KF510
    LG KF510c
    LG KF600
    LG KF600C
    LG KF700
    LG KF701
    LG KF720
    LG KF750
    LG KF755
    LG KF755c Secret
    LG KF755d
    LG KF757
    LG KF900
    LG KG110
    LG KG112
    LG KG118
    LG KG120
    LG KG130
    LG KG151
    LG KG190
    LG KG195
    LG KG198
    LG KG200
    LG KG208
    LG KG210
    LG KG220
    LG KG225
    LG KG228
    LG KG230
    LG KG238
    LG KG240
    LG KG245
    LG KG248
    LG KG270
    LG KG271
    LG KG275
    LG KG280
    LG KG290
    LG KG291
    LG KG296
    LG KG298
    LG KG300
    LG KG320
    LG KG328
    LG KG330
    LG KG338
    LG KG370
    LG KG375
    LG KG70
    LG KG800
    LG KG808
    LG KG810
    LG KG818
    LG KG820
    LG KG90
    LG KG920
    LG KG928
    LG KG98
    LG KG99
    LG KM380
    LG KM500
    LG KM501
    LG KM555
    LG KM570 Cookie Live
    LG KM710
    LG KM900
    LG KM900g
    LG KP100
    LG KP105a
    LG KP106
    LG KP107
    LG KP115
    LG KP130
    LG KP135
    LG KP140
    LG KP152q
    LG KP170
    LG KP175
    LG KP175b
    LG KP199
    LG KP200
    LG KP202
    LG KP206
    LG KP210
    LG KP210a
    LG KP215
    LG KP220
    LG KP230
    LG KP233
    LG KP235
    LG KP260
    LG KP265
    LG KP265d
    LG KP270
    LG KP320
    LG KP3500
    LG KP4000
    LG KP500
    LG KP501
    LG KP502
    LG KP505
    LG KP570a
    LG KP8400
    LG KS10
    LG KS20
    LG KS360
    LG KS365
    LG KS500
    LG KS750
    LG KT252
    LG KT520
    LG KT610
    LG KT615
    LG KT770
    LG KU250
    LG KU311
    LG KU380
    LG KU385
    LG KU400
    LG KU450
    LG KU580 Hero
    LG KU730
    LG KU800
    LG KU850
    LG KU950
    LG KU970 Shine
    LG KU990 (Viewty)
    LG KU990i
    LG KV3600
    LG KV5900
    LG KV6000
    LG KX116
    LG L1100
    LG L1150
    LG L1200
    LG L1400
    LG L1400i
    LG L1500i
    LG L3100
    LG L341i
    LG L342i
    LG L343i
    LG L4100
    LG L5100
    LG L600V
    LG LB1500
    LG LDP-880A
    LG LF1200
    LG LG240
    LG LGC-300W
    LG LGC-330W
    LG LGC-600W
    LG LGC-800W
    LG LHD-200
    LG LN510
    LG LP3000
    LG LP3550
    LG LP3800
    LG LP5900
    LG LS670
    LG LS670 Optimus S
    LG LX150
    LG LX350
    LG LX5350
    LG LX550
    LG LX5550
    LG M1200
    LG M1300
    LG M4300
    LG M4330
    LG M4400
    LG M4410
    LG M6100
    LG ME240q
    LG ME500
    LG ME540
    LG ME550 Cosmo
    LG ME550C
    LG ME591
    LG ME600
    LG ME770
    LG ME850 Prada
    LG ME970
    LG ME970d
    LG MG100
    LG MG101
    LG MG105
    LG MG110
    LG MG120
    LG MG125
    LG MG150
    LG MG155
    LG MG160
    LG MG161
    LG MG170
    LG MG180
    LG MG185
    LG MG191
    LG MG201
    LG MG210
    LG MG220
    LG MG225
    LG MG230
    LG MG235
    LG MG270
    LG MG280
    LG MG295
    LG MG296c
    LG MG300
    LG MG320
    LG MG370
    LG MG530
    LG MG610
    LG MG800
    LG MG810
    LG MM-535
    LG MN270
    LG Monaco
    LG MS20
    LG MS910
    LG MX240
    LG Neon
    LG Neon 2
    LG NET10 900G
    LG Nitro HD
    LG Optimus 2X
    LG Optimus 3D
    LG Optimus 7
    LG Optimus Black
    LG Optimus Chic
    LG Optimus L3
    LG Optimus Me
    LG Optimus Net
    LG Optimus One
    LG Optimus Pad
    LG Optimus Pro C660
    LG Optimus S
    LG P350
    LG P5
    LG P500
    LG P505
    LG P506
    LG P509
    LG P7200
    LG P900 Optimus L7
    LG P925
    LG P930
    LG Phoenix
    LG PM-225
    LG PM-225 Red Edition
    LG PM-325
    LG Prada
    LG Prada 3.0
    LG Quantum
    LG Renoir
    LG Revolution
    LG Rubi
    LG Rumor
    LG S1000
    LG S3500
    LG S5000
    LG S5100
    LG S5200
    LG S5300
    LG SB120
    LG SC300
    LG SC330
    LG SC8000
    LG Scarlet II
    LG SD330
    LG SD350
    LG SD500
    LG SD820
    LG SD910
    LG Secret
    LG Sentio
    LG SH130
    LG SH470
    LG Shine Plus
    LG Soul
    LG SP1000
    LG SU910
    LG SV130
    LG SV280
    LG SV300
    LG SV360
    LG SV590
    LG SV600
    LG T300 Cookie Lite
    LG T310 Cookie Style
    LG T320G Flick
    LG T500 Ego
    LG T505 Ego
    LG T5100
    LG T530
    LG T565
    LG TD6000
    LG TD6100
    LG TE365
    LG TE365F
    LG TG800
    LG TG800 Chocolate
    LG TG800f
    LG Thrill 4G
    LG Thrive P506
    LG TM210
    LG TM510
    LG TM520
    LG Tritan UX840
    LG TU330
    LG TU330 Globus
    LG TU500
    LG TU515
    LG TU575
    LG TU720
    LG TU720 Shine
    LG TU725
    LG TU750
    LG TU750 Secret
    LG TU915
    LG U160l
    LG U300
    LG U310
    LG U400
    LG U8100
    LG U8110
    LG U8120
    LG U8120C
    LG U8120i
    LG U8130
    LG U8138
    LG U8150
    LG U8180
    LG U8200
    LG U8210
    LG U8280
    LG U8290
    LG U830
    LG U8330
    LG U8360
    LG U8380
    LG U8390
    LG U8550
    LG U880
    LG U890
    LG U900
    LG U960
    LG U970
    LG U990
    LG V111
    LG V900
    LG V9000
    LG V909
    LG VI-125
    LG VI-5225
    LG Viewty GT
    LG Viewty Smile
    LG Vortex 660
    LG VS750
    LG VS910
    LG Vu
    LG Vu Plus
    LG VX1
    LG VX1000
    LG VX3200
    LG VX3300
    LG VX3400
    LG VX3450
    LG VX4400
    LG VX4400B
    LG VX4500
    LG VX4600
    LG VX4650
    LG VX5200
    LG VX5300
    LG VX5550
    LG VX6000
    LG VX6100
    LG VX7000
    LG VX8000
    LG VX8100
    LG VX8300
    LG VX8500
    LG VX8600
    LG VX8700
    LG VX9400
    LG VX9700
    LG VX9800
    LG VX9900
    LG W3000
    LG W3100
    LG W5200
    LG W5210
    LG W5220
    LG W5300
    LG W5400
    LG W7000
    LG W7020
    LG Xenon